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So... I became a defacto mod....

Of a facebook group with 4000 members.

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The student group at my college is a fucking mess; no one was being an admin until today when facebook asked if I wanted to; and I’ve faced my first problem: A salesman.

So the biggest issue in the group is Spamming; to the point that many members choose not to post anything because of all the people selling shit. I asked the members, through a poll, if they wanted me to ban sales in the group. An overwhelming mayority said “no” (70/30), but since I want the 30% to still be represented; I made new rules saying that any post selling crap had to be published as a post selling crap. Have a price, a location, and other details.

Then some douchebag who only posts stuff for sale in the group posted a JK wrangler. I asked him to delete it and post it as something being sold rather than just photos.

He said “Wow, okay!” and then ignored it. I’m yet to do anything about it, but I feel like turning on a requirement that any post HE makes has to be approved by me or the moderators.

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