Sunday, I followed in the Oppo fashion and adopted a new doggie. Pic of old dog and new dog for reference:

I’ve been car shopping for a bit, because my fiancée likes the LR4 and I wanted something more gas consumer friendly for my 100 mile a day commute. Her CRV was killing both of us.


Went to a Lexis dealership yesterday to check out a very fairly priced LS460...88k miles, every package except Executive, blue, etc. I also wanted to get the Oppo car of the year, obv. Dealer showed me the original window sticker and it was $79,000 in 2007 money, which is nuts. Took a look inside and we both agreed: it was the beigest beige that we ever have seen. Couldn’t sit in it without feeling ill.

So we looked around at the old people cars folks trade in at a Lexus dealership and I got a very well maintained, very cheap, high mileage F10 535xi instead. Well, if you call 112k miles high. It already has the leaks in all the usual spots, so at least I’m forewarned.

The terrible lighting makes it look heavenly

I love it, except for the asshole who designed the cup holders, the idiot first owner who didn’t pay for comfort access, and BMW for not making the car Auto Unlock when turned off. It drives wonderfully and I can’t understand those that hated the F10 vs E60 - this steering is really much heavier than I like. Seats are much better than the Honda; I tried to hold out for a M-sport and one with RWD, but they’re impossible to find in the northeast and doubly impossible to find together.


So many major life changes. I’m owning a Land Rover and a BMW with more than 100k miles each, out of warranty. Of course my AAA membership is paid up and current. I like living life on the edge!