I have this rucksack from LL Bean that I use all of the time:

I love it so much that when it started to fray, I decided against warrantying it, and just made my own improvements:

A while back, I found this bomb pin of it:


Today I noticed that I lost the pin somewhere. I checked online and it wasn’t listed, so I sent an email to customer service asking if any stores had it in stock.

The first email came about 30 minutes later with a list of stores that showed it in stock.

30 minutes after that, I got this email:


Now, that’s the kind of customer service that keeps customers coming back. Regardless of whether they do find one, I’m going to order some new shirts today to show my support.*

*Back when they still had their lifetime satisfaction guarantee, I made a point to always spend as much in store as the retail cost of whatever they replaced for me. Am I bitter about them getting rid of that policy because too many people were abusing the it by buying 30 year old sweaters from garage sales or eBay and taking them back to exchange for cash? Like a lemon.



   This is the kind of thing that guarantees that I’ll be a loyal customer for life.