After a bit over 2 relatively pleasant, trouble-free years of ownership (except a few minor interior niggles, and an incident of dealer-caused damage) I decided to do a small trade-up from my 2017 Elantra Value Edition, and bought myself the first entry in the N-Line series; the Elantra GT N, fully loaded DCT, in Summit Gray Metallic which actually has a lot of depth and interest for not being a “color”. This also now complements my partner’s 2018 Elantra GT Sport. Yes, you can tell the differences between the two cars’ suspension setups, as well as the minor ECU and transmission calibrations they have.

If Hyundai DOES decide to bring the full Elantra GT N over to this side, then I’ll trade to that. But for now, this will do. -and yes I’ve already debadged the Elantra GT portion and replaced it with the i30. :)

Edit: To add a little more detail to aesthetic differences, the N-Line has:

- N shifter
- Paddle shifters are much larger than prior Sport
- Gloss black mirror caps
- i30 N front and rear bumpers, but is missing the sideskirts and spoiler, including no triangle HMSL.


- N-Line has silver accents versus the red accents of a full N car, this extends to the lower front lip being silver instead of red, and the climate control surround also silver but the front side vents are still red (the GT Sport prior has a red surround for all three)
- N embossed leather seats with red stitching and carbon-fiber style fabric trim.
- Darker headlamp tint than the prior Sport/base cars
- No Performance Blue color option (full N cars only)

...and some other details. Check the press release link, which includes the suspension differences between the N-Line and the prior ‘18 Sport trim, check here:

Other countries have the option of the N-Line fender badge (like the GTI, which I don’t like so I’m glad it doesn’t have it), and red seatbelts (ambivalent).

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