I go to Modesto today to meet with the dairy association about employee handbooks. I like Modesto. It is a nice town, and in recent years they have really upgraded the downtown.

It is going to be nice today, but supposedly a big storm is coming tomorrow. We are having a toad population explosion this spring which is fun, but they get trapped in the pool.


Lst night was the first band board meeting and apparently those who were not elected are butthurt, and lots of people hate each other. Typical parent organization. They are not going to enjoy me. Last year’s chaperone coordinator was upset that I pointed out when the chaperones are bullying each other and end up in tears, something is very wrong. (She ended up in tears at the one event I chaperoned, and she was supposed to be leading the chaperones. After that I just volunteered for fundraising.). I do not think I made a friend with this tiger mom.

Oh, Oppo, I have a feeling my time on this Board will be reminiscent of the reign of Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. Blood and tears, and ultimately, futility.