So after being on this Keto diet for ~1.5 months, I’ve lost a solid 10 pounds. That’s a 1/2 a pound more than this wheel that would fit on my Fit weighs:

So how do I feel? I feel thinner. There are 2 shirts that were too tight to wear before that I now fit into again. And I now do my belt buckle one notch tighter.


I miss doughnuts, pizza and hamburgers. I was seriously tempted at times when there was pizza and doughnuts brought into the office at work.... but I have resisted.

When I started this, my blood pressure was a bit high and I was in the pre-diabetic danger zone.

I’m sticking with this until I achieve my 25 pound weight loss goal. I didn’t gain the 25 pounds overnight and I won’t lose it overnight either. But I figure I will have lost it by the time I have my follow up doctor visit in a few months.

And 22 pounds are about what the 15" steel wheels on my Fit weigh apparently.

Hmmm... If I’m willing to spend around US$1000 after shipping, I can reduce the weight of my Fit by about 50lbs... and have less unsprung weight...



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