If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

7 Years ago, today

Sitting on a turn-off viewpoint on the PCH.

I still admire the designers and engineers who made this car possible. iPhone 4s pic from 2012. Probably the car I will always love the most. Perfect proportions. Perfect handling, with a big mod. About as good as it gets. When they first showed them, they were either stale-ketchup-red, or rotten-mustard-yellow, and I hated them.


Then I lived with mine for 8 years, from 2005-2014. With a full-length underbody brace mounted at 10 points. A new canvas roof. And a couple little things on the outside like the short antenna.


As close to a Toyota-factory Porsche 550 as you’ll ever get. Too bad most of them have been either beat or questionably-modded to death.

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