Are you over 60? Can you remember when America was great? Do you think there is no replacement for displacement? Have you recently or are about to become single? You are the Corvette’s target market.

Your subculture: Corvette Owners


Your Background: Back in your day, Astronauts drove Corvettes. SPACEMEN who were taking the fight to the ruskies on the moon. These cars had cool names like Stingray with matching Stingray badges, not pussy names like Corolla or Insight. You sat in your room listening to the Beatles and staring at the Corvette poster your dad bought you thinking about how one day, you’d own a Corvette.

You’re 50 years older now, and the kids are gone and Martha took the house in the divorce. But, you can drive down to the Chevy dealer and pick up the car of your dreams. You can wash it, wax it and sit in the garage silently crying and whispering “ARE YOU PROUD NOW DAD?”.

The Car: With a rocking 283 bhp in 1956, (1 horsepower per cubic inch!) this 2 door American dream worked its way up to an impressive (for 1964) 375hp in the mid 60's.


Now it’s 2019 and you have your chance to finally join the Corvette owners club. The plucky little 2 door from the 50's has evolved into a 755hp monster. Your reflexes are not what they used to, so you have to be careful on the 3 days a year you take it out!


What’s new that sucks: Mid engine? Your dad didn’t die on Iwo Jima for this unamerican bullshit. What’s next? it will be built in Mexico?

Also, in your day, a wing was something FIGHTER PLANES had. Not cars.


What has always sucked: Confederate sympathies, overwhelming whiteness and low incomes. No, this isn’t the profile of a used Corvette buyer, these are just some of the factoids and stats of Bowling Green, Kentucky where all Corvettes have been made.

Corvettes don’t have the same polish or quality as other high performance cars from communist countries like Germany or Italy but, like all, some, two other GM cars, they are built by red blooded Americans.



“I just need to go to 3 more shows this summer to keep my Corvette Club Membership”


COFL’s Dad

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