DOTS Yellow No Camera Edition

So I left work a couple days ago with my

phone on my desk. Mistake, big mistake.

I first turn out of the parking garage a really nice Ford Fiesta (the old angular l kind not the new roundy kind) pops up in yellow. It looked like the car above in general thought not in detail, looked slightly modded, wheels, fog lights. I have not seen one in any condition in decades, always liked the them, clean design, better than the much ballyhooed Rabbit in my opinion,  rare treat.


Then a couple blocks into my commute a yellow series one E-type coupe pops up. Perhaps I have died and gone to heaven.

I also went and looked at a cheap Alfetta GTV coupe that was way to much work, and got a “nice IS300" from some random young dude. Good jalop vibes going on this week.

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