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Looking to get a commuter car/winter beater

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Besides the Z3 not behaving well in the cold (and getting thoroughly beat up), my commute will be jumping from 10 minutes to 30 in the near future. I also want something with a bit more space to haul people and/or crap if need be.


Budget is around $3,000, preferably less. I’ve been looking at 1st gen CRVs and the like, but this ‘97 Ranger has piqued my interest as well. I figure I could load it up with sandbags in the winter and be fine.


I probably won’t pull the trigger on this one. But in general, am I crazy for wanting to commute in something this (90% highway miles)? The Vulcan V6 is not exactly a gas saver, but should be reliable and not terrible on fuel.

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