SF Radwood is July 27. I think NorCal people will want to go, and much of the SoCal crew opted out to ski the last day at Mammoth. It would seem that the Fresno meet-up has lost its steam. Am I correct? Don’t worry, my feelings aren’t hurt.

As for NorCal Radwood, I feel ambivalent. I enjoyed it last time I went, but it was an early Radwood event with a really low-key, mellow, and friendly vibe. I hated the LA one, and Sonoma was probably my favorite because LeMons races were happening during the show.


I am beginning to think Radwood may be a younger person’s scene. I struggle to articulate this, so forgive me. But Radwood has taken on kind of a bro atmosphere that I don’t find enjoyable or welcoming. But on the other hand, the last time was good so maybe I should give it another chance...

If you guys want to meet in Fresno that weekend, I'm game.  If not, I will mull over whether Radwood should be in my plans.

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