Lowe’s website just glitched and sold a DeWalt 5 tool 20V kit with 2 batteries and a charger for $119 instead of $599.

My local store had 4 sets in stock and I bought them all.


They sell for $535 on amazon, they are in low $400's on ebay, and occasionally I see some dip down to $380 or so. I am giving one to my dad, and I can’t decide if I am selling 3 sets to buy one I like, or if I will keep one as well.

By the time I made it to the store that had 10 in stock, they already fixed the glitch. I would have bought them all, opportunities like this don’t come up often, this is better than Black Friday door busters. Good day! Now I don’t feel bad about what will happen tonight (cost wise) when we go out for some crab :D