Potential situation changing:

Main purpose:

Current situation: Occasionally (try to fly most weekends) drive at least 500 miles one way to work. Traffic free always on a weekend. Sometimes drive back another 500 miles too. Would like something comfortable like a CPO E class / Lexus LS / Buick Lacrosse. Have owned E-550 before and own a 7 series and Io understand the long wheel base always helps with ride comfort. Fuel efficient will help, but it’s not the top priority and cant have a gas guzzler



Another job site: 110 miles every other day. Would still like something comfortable.


Another job site: 170 miles round trip every day. This is the only position where a Tesla / EV will work. But the range is cutting close.


All above dependent on work location.

Currently use 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis and any rental car AVIS, HERTZ, National gives me. Thanks to work, I have rented some 60 plus times this year alone, so have ELITE status with all, thanks to playing the credit card game and requesting status match. So almost always good cars at cheapest rate and moarrr points..


In the Grand Marquis, I average about 21 mph (80 mph average on Texas highways all day long)

I am looking at the following:

CPO E250 bluetec - Love that

Passat TDI SE 6 speed manual - owned one for 2.5 years and put 75k miles in that time. loved it


RAM 1500 Diesel - 30 mpg. “safe” to drive on Texas freeways

I am also open to other alrenatives like 2017 Buick LaCrosse

I am sure you all will fill me in with more choices. Well that’s the hope. Maybe 328d wagon?


Would like to keep the cost below 25k. And for the right example stretch to 30k.

- Something with minimal road noise and big and YUGE! minimal road noise is important.


Current Garage:

- 2017 Chevy SS - 6 speed manual

- 2014 BMW 7 series

- 2016 BMW 330i

- 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis

- 2014 Lincoln Navigator L

All Tesla’s are out because of excessive miles I drive occasionally.

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