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Im a guy who is going from a 20 mile commute to a 50 mile commute (round trip) and driving something that eats 200/per tires and drinks at 13 mpg is going to start wearing thin. When I say wearing thin I specifically mean PAYING for these things, not the driving experience, which I have no complaints at all with.

So, looking for something that will pay for itself in 3 years.

Must haves:

4 seats. not stupid back seats that don’t fit humans

5 doors. I carry a lot of gear, a coupe, convertible or sedan don’t really suit my job


Manual transmission. I need this back in my life



Low maintenance/easy to repair

Don’t want:

Super high miles - 150k is probably alright, but 200+? pass.

A hillman Imp

The budget*:

4000 for gas powered

5500 for electric

*This is the 3 year break even given a 30 mpg average gas car and a 116 mpge average electric with 75% of my miles on the new 3rd car. Gas price $3/gallon. Electric $0.14/kwh


I’d be willing to go to about 6 grand for gas and 8 grand for electric if it was something worth driving.

Obvious candidates are gen 1 leaf (eh), VW egolf (a little pricey), and various japanese and korean hatches.


Location: Utah


EDIT: thinking gen 1 FIT sport.

I can find them relatively cheap with a manual.  How do they hold up?

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