Video of my fastest lap in the IS300 at Rallycross. Probably my last rallycross in this car. My mechanical sympathy can’t handle the beating that this car gets on these courses. I utterly nuked a sway bar end link. Unfortunately this is a dirty lap as you can clearly hear where I thunk over a cone. The beeping is the traction control computer losing its mind when I get sideways. As you can hear, I am very much sideways. I got 2nd in stock RWD by 2 seconds. Very disappointing since I spun out on my first lap costing me 10 seconds due to a stupid error. Kind of sad to give this up because I feel more confident in my abilities here than at Autocross and it’s a hell of a lot more fun. Maybe I’ll get a cheap fox body or SN95 and get back at it. Whatever it is needs an LSD though. I can’t understate how amazing the SportCross’ Torsen LSD is on this loose surface, especially on the entrance to the oval where you’re sliding sideways across massive ruts (sorry, wheel bearings/ball joints!).

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