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Illustration for article titled New car

No better way to get used to a new car than a 3 hour drive home. Picked up this 2008 Mazda Miata PRHT yesterday for the princely bargain of $5500 from a nice lady in Oklahoma City. It drives perfectly and I am ecstatic. Here’s the nitty gritty:

160k miles

Current owner had it since 3k miles

Interior reupholstered with Katzkin leather

New bilstein shocks

New Pilot Sport A/S rubber

Oil changed religiously with Mobil 1 high mileage full synthetic

No shudders, vibrations, weird noises, rattles, etc.

Hardtop works beautifully

JVC Android Auto/Carplay head unit properly installed and wired into the steering wheel controls


The only “con” is that the paint could use some help but a detailing buddy of mine is going to do a paint correction on it Friday before Cars & Coffee! We aren’t sure if the roof is oxidized or has failing clear coat but I know a body shop that can get me a bargain price on re-clearing the bad panels.

Plan is to drive it. I have no modification plans outside of tinting the tail lights red and possibly a slightly louder exhaust. Stock is so quiet I keep nearly stalling the car because I can’t hear the engine at all.


Super comfy, got 30mpg on the way back. Wind noise is perfectly fine on the highway and the sound system is absolutely fantastic after some EQ fiddling. I’m in love.

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