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So, being a single unattached male who’s in his mid-20s, lives in the middle of nowhere, and has a job which is not great for meeting people, I decided to try my hand at the online dating scene.


I went with Facebook dating because: a) it’s been the most visible, because it appeared in my newsfeed the moment me and my ex broke up, and b) it was the lazy and easy option. After ten minutes of using it, I deleted it and vowed to never use it again, because it’s that bad.

Firstly, it makes it clear that hey, anything you add to your profile and dating are completely separate from each other. You change your employment on Facebook, you have to change it on Dating separately. Which means that this integrated app feels, well, less integrated.


Second, you set your profile. If you miss anything it wants you to fill out, it pesters you that your profile is incomplete. It seemed pretty mad that I never put in my grad school, even though I never went. And it automatically pulls photos to show. Guess who had to delete photos of him and his ex from his dating profile?

Third, you set your preferences, which Facebook promptly ignores. I set a range of three years younger and older than me, which Facebook immediately decided 32 was within the range of that from 24. Also, didn’t want someone with kids, and most of the people I was seeing had kids.


So, after setting my description (“I’m into photography, cars, and bad jokes”), I flipped through the app, which shows people one at a time, with such profile descriptions of “I’m a little bit psycho”, “NOT A SLUT”, and “420 friendly”. At that point, I figured I was wasting my time, deleted the app, and started looking at speed dating events in nearby cities, because at least that could be fun.

Moral of the story, no matter how bad dating in rural Saskatchewan can be, Facebook Dating can somehow make it worse.

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