This whole Audi RS6 Avant coming to America thing means something more to me than to the average enthusiast.

When I was in elementary school, I found it very hard to make friends, whether it was because of my relatively poor English or whether it was because of my passion for cars. Nobody ever wanted to be friends with that one kid in the class who read car magazines and had Matchbox cars. I remember always being sad about nobody really wanting to ever befriend me, but something changed in 2006.


On the Friday afternoon of the first week of school, my mother took me to our local grocery store to help her buy some things for dinner and told me she would get me a toy car if I helped her.


When we were walking down the aisle that had Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars at the end, I couldn’t help but notice one car at the bottom that caught my attention. It said Audi RS6 Avant. I had read about that car in one of the magazines I took to school and told her that was what I wanted. Later that evening, I opened it up and started inspecting the car from the vanity plate to the sporty appearance compared to my neighbor’s 2003 A6 Avant. I was mesmerized by the fact that I now possessed a fast wagon that could keep up with my Ferraris and Porsches.

Mine looked like this for all of four days

The first time I took it to school was the following week, but I was ridiculed for it because I was playing with a wagon. Some kid took it from my hand and threw it on the ground at recess, leaving a nasty scratch that it has to this day.


I’ve loved wagons ever since that time and have been endlessly ridiculed for it by my friends and classmates alike.

Why am I so excited about this new RS6?

Watching the commercial earlier and reminiscing over this story made me feel like my time has finally come. A childhood dream that I refused to give up has come true. An Audi RS6 Avant here on American soil. I may not be able to afford it now, but here’s to making a long awaited dream come true.


My day will come sooner or later.