Guy #1, the builder for a side job needed drawings super quick. I had a lot of late nights to get it done for his schedule. I sent him the email with the drawings and asked for him to take a look and let me know if there were any problems and I could fix them up and get them back to him. He instead just submits them. Sketchup for some reason took the scaling away from all dimensions so instead of being at 1/4"=1'-0", they were 1:1 so a dimension that should have read 4'-0" read 1". I missed it, it could have been an easy fix, itead he calls me up and yells at me and tells me to leave my day job to deliver the fixed drawings 1.5 hrs away.

guy #2 is getting impatient with his major renovation drawings which i have been flying through. I ask to meet tomorrow to go over progress drawings but he can’t and wants to meet Friday evening. Yes, that is exactly what I want to do on a Friday evening. but will I? Probably because a payment is due and I want ma money.

I’m getting really sick of these side jobs. have some sweet Allroads


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