No, not for me... yet. But I have a friend looking at bikes for a very Oppo reason and I really think she could use some help. Main problem is that she’s 5'2", 30" inseam, and I’m just going to guess she weighs 30lbs (aka thin).

She’s looking for something that she can take from coastal RI to the mountains of NH for camping and such. So, it needs to work on the highway for a while but then be able to deal with dirt and bumps. I think she’s doing good research, so my suggestions are mostly useless as I’m not a 2-wheel man. Just sort of said dual-sport or an adventure but she said she’s seen only ones that are too tall.


Help my friend be her badass self!

Illustration for article titled Motorcycle Suggestositelock!

Random pic I found on google showing what I think my friend’s adventures will look like.

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