PNW Fall Chill (9/7-8): Itinerary

The Oppo PNW Fall Chill is on September 7th & 8th in Portland, OR. That’s a bit over a month away! My apologies for not posting about it for two months, but it’s still on, and now I have plans for what we’ll be doing.

Friday, September 6th

For local folks and anyone driving down on Friday, we’ll be meeting up for food and/or drinks at Fire on the Mountain on E Burnside St (which is the next block over from one of my more favorite Portland bars, the Eastburn Public House).


Saturday, September 7th - Gorge Trip

The main activity for Saturday will be a drive up the Columbia River Gorge (pictured above) and back. This is more about the sights than the driving, but State Route 14 on the north side of the gorge gets a bit curvy once you get out past Washougal, and I’m told the last third between White Salmon and Maryhill is featured in many car commercials.

We’ll meet at 10:30 AM in the parking lot of the Hong Phat supermarket on 82nd & East Burnside and head out at 11:00 AM to the gorge. On the way back, we’ll cross the Columbia at Hood River and stop at El Rincon Taqueria for a late lunch around 2:00 PM.


Assuming lunch takes about 90 minutes all in all, we’ll be back in Portland between 4:30 and 5:00 PM. After a break of three hours for people to explore the city or head back to their hotel/house to freshen up, we’ll meet for dinner at 7:00 PM at the original Portland food cart pod, Cartopia, on SE 12th & Hawthorne Blvd, which is in easy walking distance of many other attractions on Hawthorne 12th, and lower Morrison (notably the Cascade Brewing Barrel House, which specializes in sour beers and was quite popular at the last Portland Oppo meet).

Sunday, September 8th - State Route 47

Whereas Saturday’s drive is more about sightseeing than driving, Sunday’s drive is more about driving than sightseeing. We’ll take State Route 47 — a favorite of motorcyclists and people with Volvo V50s* alike — up through the northernmost part of Oregon’s coastal mountains, and then head back along the Columbia River Highway (with a short detour to the much curvier Old Columbia River Highway).


We’ll meet at 10:00 AM at the parking lot off of West Burnside at 23rd Ave, and head out at 10:30, taking Burnside and then Skyline Blvd to Highway 26, which takes us to State Route 47. This will put us in Vernonia around 12:00 to 12:30 PM, where we’ll stop at the Blue House Cafe for lunch. Assuming we head out from lunch by 2:00, we’ll be at Rainier City Park around 3:00, where any Northerners who want to head home then can say goodbye and backtrack a few miles to take the bridge to Longview and I-5.


The rest of us will be back in Portland slightly over an hour later (about 4:30), where again there will be a few hours of downtime for people to do as they please. We’ll all meet up at 7:30 at Mississippi Pizza on, well, Mississippi Ave, for, well, pizza.


So that’s the plan! How does it sound to everyone? Are the food choices agreeable? Do the times sound realistic? Are you excited? Let me know!


*ok it’s my favorite, I don’t know if anyone drives it for fun besides me and motorcyclists.

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