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I've always thought the vinwiki stories were just rich a$$holes

the 200mph ticket video posted yesterday really confirms that

this massive crash of supercars into unsuspecting regular folks...

is discussed by the lambo driver who was near the event here

and to answer the question “what happens when you get caught going at over 200mph?” he paid the bail for his car $10k in cash, so... essentially nothing happens.

so, long story short. these idiots can afford to track their expensive cars, but dont.


There’s a reddit thread discussing it also:


somewhere in the comments of the various videos and threads is an unsupported comment that the honda driver required significant period of physical therapy.

additionally the comments say the police report noted the cause of the accident as a blown tyre. again unsubstantiated, but not hard to believe such a lie being passed off when the alternative is reckless driving and basically attempted manslaughter


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