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Winter Tire Suggestions? The time is coming

As I start prepping the car for winter in the coming month or two, I noticed my winter tires are on their last legs.

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I drive a 2014 focus ST, and use 215-50 R17 tires for my winter set. The current winter tires are the original set I bought with steelies in 2014, and were cheap Champiro Ice Pro tires. They’ve actually performed really well and lasted 4 winters, however now that I’ve got the car paid off I’m going to opt for a more decent brand.

I’m in the north Midwest, and run summer tires in the warm months, so prefer to go for winter specific tires in the winter (duh?). I’m not looking for all-seasons.


I’m looking for decent winter performance but a tire that also won’t wear super quickly, especially since most of the time it is on dry pavement and mostly temperature that is the issue.

I have heard Blizzaks (a more expensive option) wear relatively quickly, and for the price just don’t see the value.

Does anyone have experience with other brands? Cooper, Hankook, etc.? General altimax get good reviews too, but I’m not sure how these all wear.

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