And if you try to tell the cop that I “backed into you” while you stand there reeking of weed, with your girlfriend in the car very obviously trying to hide things?

The irony is they had a bumper sticker that said “kill the stupid ones”. I noticed it right before they cut off a semi truck, slammed on the brakes, got behind me and made some very-much-not-quick-enough evasive maneuvers to avoid hitting my car that was stopped at a red light, as one does.

All this while they both had blunts in hand, rear windows down. Are people really stupid enough to not realize that the smell doesn’t just dissappear? Like, it was noticeable from 5 cars ahead. I’m not saying I wish that semi had hit them, but I’m also not saying that touching the stove as a child is an ineffective way to prevent it from ever happening again.


Whatever. I’ve been super irritable all day and this didn’t help. The damage is minor and the kind of thing I would completely shrug off if it was an accident with an apologetic driver. But for these assholes, that’s not going to happen. My mood is such that when the cop mentioned DUI and the guy’s eyes lit up in fear, I had to suppress a laugh. The officer seemed to have a negative personal experience with a drunk driver so I don’t think he’s going to be gentle here. Did I mention I had to follow the driver to his apartment and park directly behind them so they couldn’t get out in order to get them to not try to keep running?


I need sleep. And more coffee. Or maybe less coffee.

Or drivers who aren’t total idiots. Pour one out for a Miata that has one more battle scar to add to the mix. Money situation is at least pretty good now so I’m probably not going to sell her, although I haven’t taken down ads either. I’m indecisive on the whole thing, but with how fun the damn car is in the snow, and winter fast approaching..... Well. I could always sell in spring?