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Thing to do when stuck in traffic

Unpack the car in front of you. This one.

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First, the registration number. It begins 192, so second half of 2019. A new Audi then.

It’s an A5 two door (there’s a five door hatch as well) so somebody has bought something with less utility than an A4 and paid quite a bit more for it.


It’s got one exhaust so not the most upmarket one.

No quattro badge so FWD

It’s a 35. 35bhp? 3.5l? Nope, it’s just one of the downmarket ones. 2.0 to be specific.

TDI, so it’s a diesel. Yes, cars this size are still usually diesel here.

Fancy sequential rear indicators (not shown) so the owner has divvied up for these.


See, you can find things to do when stationary.

Bonus: Smart Roadster fuel gauge (out of focus) showing 3 litres left. Living dangerously.

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