Yesterday after work, I returned home to find myself unable to open the garage door from the car. Like some sort of crazy person I had to key in through the front door and go through the house, open the door, and pull in. Unfortunately, a new battery in the remote this morning didn’t fix it.

They don’t make ‘em like that anymore (also it’s screw drive which is excellent)

The “near door” of the garage has an opener that is probably original to the house (1978). Connected to that is a mid-90's Genie box, which receives the radio signals and has a relay contact to act like another button and trigger the opener. (The “far door” has an old-but-new-enough-to-have-built-in-remotes Genie opener, probably early/mid 90's).


After banging on it a couple times and trying multiple batteries, I deemed the remote not-working. This was confirmed when I tried to re-pair it to the remote-adapter-box-thing and it did not receive any sort of signal, even with the remote a few inches away. Fortunately a friend of mine has a much newer opener which uses an identical remote. I convinced him to bring it over and was able to program it to my opener, confirming the problem to be that my remote just up and decided to stop working.

Fortunately / miraculously, you can still buy remotes from Genie that work with the very-early cycling-code openers (as is the box on this one), and they can pair with multiple openers. Needless to say, I can now open both garage doors from one remote and bought a second of the same remote. I don’t have to play musical door openers when going between cars anymore!

The mud makes this look like it’s in a lot worse condition that it really is...

From here I turned my attention to what I intended to do today, which is address the non-working fog light in the 4Runner. The cover for the bulb is secured with three M3 screws, Phillips head (or JIS) and in the case of this one, stripped at some point. Instead of buying complete new housings, I opted to drill the heads of the screws off, remove the cover (pictured), and use pliers to remove the shank of the screws. I was then able to use new socket head cap screws (with anti-seize) to secure everything back together with a fresh bulb.


Both fog lights now work. A productive day was had.