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Next (potential) automotive disaster identified

So it sort of looks like I might be once again gainfully employed starting this month. That means I am allowed to buy a project car if I want. And I think I want?

Specifically I want one of these:


Jaguar S-Type R. 400HP of pure compromise awesomeness.

On the bright side there is one near(ish) where I’m at. Low miles, low price, shady dealer.... basically my kind of thing.

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The good:

  • Right color
  • Right engine
  • Low miles
  • Low price
  • Looks OK in pictures

The Bad:

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  • Been on sale for 160+ days
  • Small dent in the trunk
  • 400 miles away
  • Suspiciously cheap
  • Free VIN check shows it may have started life in Michigan
  • Wrong wheels

Additionally YourMechanic doesn’t service the part of Saint Louis it is in and apparently WeGoLook is relatively pointless. Which is to say the latter goes and takes pictures for the same price the former goes and does a mechanical inspection... plus I’d need to pay extra for them to go take some pictures before I would want to go look myself.


Next steps:

  1. Confirm this is a thing I want to do
  2. Beg for a VIN check (HEY ANYONE HAVE A FREE VIN CHECK!?)
  3. Fail to acquire free vin check and pay for one
  4. Call and verify car is still for sale
  5. Make arrangements to drive up and take a look with a co-driver so I can drive it back down as needed

What do we think Oppo? Right color, right engine, right price.... worth a drive?

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