KinjaExtractor - An ‘easy’ way to back-up your posts

Whether oppo will move or will stay, it can never hurt to back-up!

After reading the post below, and the python backup option, I thought I could maybe create and executable based on it, mainly as a bit of a challenge to myself, but also to help Oppo.


So based Just Jeepin’s code, I made some small adaptions and made an executable out of it, such that it is a bit easier to use (current version still requires command line, but the commands are included in the readme, if people want it I guess I could make a simple GUI). with the .exe and the readme can be downloaded here:


Just click on the download button, and place the .exe file where you want to back up your posts.

A new feature of this executable is that it can also export only certain posts, by including their URLs in a .txt-file. When you have a mix of shitposts and longreads that help to make a bit of a selection. It’s still possible to save all files though.


Let me know if you have any problems/issues with it, or need a more extensive instruction, then I can support and improve the function.

Disclaimer: this code is experimental, and might cause problems, so please run it with caution. If you want to stop the code in Command Line type Ctrl+C

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