Starting to look like an engine

Some serious valve lift - yes they’re adjusted (solid lifters).
Some serious valve lift - yes they’re adjusted (solid lifters).

Heads and the valvetrain are installed. Not a ton left to do still. Next up will be installing the intake and valve covers, then odds and ends like checking header/spark plug clearance, dialing in the bellhousing, etc. Front drive will go on after it’s in the car (same deal with the ignition system, carb, etc.).


Current guesstimated timeline should have it in the car by the end of the year. The rest of the winter will be reassembly of odds and ends and bodywork. Obviously with the shift from “back on the road this year” to “that isn’t possible” due to many problems and delays* this has lost most, if not all, momentum - that said it will be ready to go by spring. It’s just not top priority anymore. I can’t keep that up any longer.

*The carb still hasn’t shown up. They sent the wrong one, it was returned, supposedly they shipped the new one. Maybe in 2021 it’ll arrive.

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