Why I'm a "Car Guy"

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“What is with your obsession with cars?”

This is a question I get from non-car friends & family (the ones who view a car as an appliance only). Why do I enjoy going to Cars & Coffee, cruises, car shows etc. to look at “other people’s cars?”


The best example is one of my favorite memories from a car meet last summer.

At a Cars and Coffee type event, there was an elderly gentleman, probably in his late eighties, with a 1930 something Plymouth coupe with a rumble seat. While not my “type” of car, I was still admiring this classic, mostly wondering how the hell someone was supposed to get in or out of the rear compartment. So I started up a conversation with the owner, and asked him just that. Without a word, he nimbly climbed up the fender and into the seat as quickly as a child, all the while obviously enjoying the opportunity to “show off” his pride and joy.


I spent almost an hour after that listening to him tell me about the car, the restoration, the trips taken, memories made……his eyes lit up with every question I asked, and he enthusiastically answered every inquiry. I’m honestly not sure who enjoyed the conversation more, myself or him.

THIS is why I’m a “car guy”. The passion this gentleman had (at almost twice my age) for his “baby” was infectious. I have at times wondered if I would “outgrow” my enthusiasm for cars, but this was a reminder that age, car, condition (car or owner) is irrelevant. What matters is the people, the camaraderie, and the excitement for these vehicles that doesn’t diminish, and having others to share it with is what makes it fun.


So, why are you are “Car guy or gal”?

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