I’ve had my eye on the Veloster N ever since it was first announced and my interest was reignited after reading the Road & Track Performance Car of the Year review, which it won. I first payed attention to Hyundai N when they hired Albert Biermann and Thomas Schemera who were top men at BMW M in its best years. With no brand history to constrain them they can do whatever the hell they want.

They retail at $27400 or $29500 with the performance package, which is the only option. A 6-speed manual is your only choice for transmission too. Its preferred in its review over the Golf R and Civic R, way more expensive and pedigreed hatches.



You can find them for 4-5k off sticker anywhere in the country right now with a few near 10k off. All with Hyundai’s long warranty.

I’ve never had much interest in FWD or turbos, but this is awfully tempting. My recent Renault Clio rental has gotten me reconsidering fwd and this is supposed to be way better than that.

This is a great interview about the future direction of Hyundai/Kia performance:


I’m very excited for the future of N and if my job goes well in 2020 I’ll be looking at one of these. At least until this comes out: