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A luxury dealer markup?!

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I personally haven’t seen it often at luxury dealers, but I saw one today. Its not surprising honestly. I was in Pasadena today with my dad looking at cars at the local Jag dealership, and they have this gorgeous F-Pace SVR as their showroom centerpiece (along with a I-Pace for $88k, an XE, XJ, F-Type SVR convertible and an E-Pace. Crowded). It stood out though and you cant help but poke around in it. Anyway, Sticker for this SVR is $97,547. Alongside the window sticker however:

Illustration for article titled A luxury dealer markup?!

Yes you see that right. A $25k markup just because. Bringing the total price to $122,547. It also looks to be the highest priced F-Pace SVR within 100 miles of us. Hopefully it sits long enough for them to take off the adm.

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