Not actual car, stolen from first result for proper year/trim

I thought we’d be stuck buying an un-oppo un-fun SUV since my wife did not like the way the buick or MB wagon rode and drove. She wants that SUV feeling and being a father of two small children and a husband of a wonderful wife I just don’t have the bloody energy to fight about how SUV’s are just stupider and more expensive station wagons if she’s not even going to let me play in the mud and snow (she does let me, but, money)...

Then she fell in love with a Volvo XC-90 T6 Inscription. It is very nice (read: expensive) but I failed to notice how much I’d love it until we were driving it and the sales person said “oh yea, switch it to dynamic mode, you’ll notice the polestar tuning!”.


That little blue badge, it saves that truck. It is wonderful and oh so slightly more oppo now.