I saw Jason Camissa’s mini review of Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S on Instagram and I’m baffled. Not by the review, Jason is among the best. I don’t get the car.

Photo: Jason Cammisa

I get that not normies want to sit high; being eye level with a standing person feels natural. They may not want ground clearance or a big storage space—things traditionally associated with SUV’s. Things a “coupe” crossover doesn’t have. I also get that enthusiasts want V8 performance cars. The thing I have trouble understanding is that these can be one and the same person. I’m trying not to be judgemental. I ask in sincerity: who wants this? Why?


If this Merc or the equivalent from, say, BMW or Alfa Romeo (or Ford’s new Mustang!) looks like your jam, then I want to hear from you. Anyone enthusiastic about cars is alright by me even if we don’t share the same taste. I’ll do my best to make the comments section a safe place.