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Anybody on Oppo have experience with these?

I’ve been thinking about it and browsing for a while, but now that a catastrophic head gasket failure has rendered my 2006 Exploder (once again) inoperable, I find myself in the market for a new ride. I’m pretty much set on a 2015 JGC Summit 4x4. This would be my daily driver. I’d prefer the 3.6L V6 for better fuel economy, and from what I gather the Pentastar is actually pretty reliable.


Why the Summit in particular?

Because I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this interior:

Illustration for article titled New Car Advice: Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

...which is IMO the nicest interior ever put in any Jeep ever, but is only available on the top of the line Summit trim.

Now I’ll admit, FCA reliability does scare me a bit. I’ve read the horror stories. Then again, I see these things everywhere, and the optimist in me wants to believe they’re pretty well screwed together these days. And I’d like to think by 2015 the WK2 had been around long enough for them to get the bugs worked out. But having only ever driven Fords, this is new territory for me.


Are concerns over build quality and reliability unfounded? What should I be looking out for? Major areas of concern would be stuff like engine, transmission, 4x4 system and of course the air suspension.

What does Oppo think? Any input, particularly from folks who currently own or have owned one, would be greatly appreciated.

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