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Bought a thing

I am now a truk person.

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2015 F150 Lariat. 5.0 V8, heated/cooled front seats, leather, power folding mirrors, tow package, locking diffs, other such trim-specific accouterments.

Brought the wife and kid along to test drive. She was enthusiastic despite being the most expensive vehicle we’ve purchased.


Last night she said ‘I like this thing more every time I get in it’.

Oh, it doesn’t fit in my garage. Guess I need a track car now. What should I do about towing... :D 


On the somewhat sad note, I did trade my 2012 civic SI sedan in. However, I have reasons for it and it works for me at this point. I still have the Supra, so I still have a fun car with the correct transmission.

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