So in the 12k miles we’ve put on the new van since we got it in July I’ve came to some conclusions.

Overall, it’s a great vehicle that suits our needs perfectly without being a bore to drive.

The biggest glaring issue: Lack of low end grunt. Seriously, the Pentastar is a decent engine that makes good noises, but holy hell is this thing gutless under 4k rpms.


So after some research, of course NO ONE makes an intake for the Grand Caravan, but Charger/Challenger/300/200 guys are gaining 5-10hp, but more importantly 15-25 ft-lbs of torque with a simple intake resonator delete and a PUG lower intake manifold.

That 15-25ft-lbs of torque combined with the quicker throttle response may be exactly what I’m looking for without needing to do anything drastic.

This is my stock airbox setup:


I found one guy who had a custom CAI made, but he’s no longer in contact with the builder so no dice there:


So I’m not exactly sure how to proceed at this point. I’d like something legit and clean looking.