You may have known they sold the first S5 with the 4.2 V8, and a manual was an option. But you know that from 2013-2017, the S5 had shifted to the 3.0T — also available with a manual? INDEED!


You see, the RS5 debuted the same year in ‘Murica (2012ish/2013), but had the old (though updated) 4.2. Now, while the RS5 has upgraded this and that and suspension stuffs whatever, electric steering (BOOOOO!), basically Audi moved their existing S5 upmarket and charged more for it. Even more annoying, there are zero 2012-2018 RS5s with a stick sale, implying perhaps... it was not even an option in the US? Reminiscent of their treatment of the TT-RS (no manual).

But anyway, what’s the downside to the 2013-2017 manual Audi S5? Well for one thing, it’s an Audi. Even a reliable-ish one costs dollars to keep on the road. Just read this nice post from that guy who dropped off the face of the Earth, as he struggled to find a clutch job at a reasonable price for his 3.0T S4:

The cost of entry is also still high: $25k-40k depending on year, miles, etc:


If you want a color that isn’t black, expect a premium on that as well.

Sooooooooooooooo good!


I haven’t crossed it off the List of Meaninglessness™, as it remains cheaper than the Chevy SS, farrrrr more common than the E500 wagon (although probably reliable), and still more accessible than a 2011+ IS-F that hasn’t been trashed.

Oh screw it, I give up. I’m buying another death trap Tercel.