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My 2020 Oppo New Years Resolutions

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Oppo” pertains to 1) the forum itself, and 2) anything vehicle related.

Forum goals:

1) Increase proportion of posts people actually might slightly want to read.

2)... and decrease posting overall. I worked harrrrrrrd on this for 2019 (if you look back on 2016-2018, I may have been posting three times a day on average for large lengths of time) but results have been hmmmmm eh.


3) If I must post, keep inconsequential posts for shitpost hours (after 7PM EST) or days with low activity (Holidays and the like). I’ve been working on this already, too!

4) Avoid venting about personal life, unless it is incredibly innocuous (remember my neighbor who didn’t like my Tercels?) or if I am in desperate — DESPERATE — need of an ear. Venting for the sake of venting is often counter-productive for me. In the same breath: no more venting about my job. When I clock out, it’s time to start clocking out mentally as well.


5) Speaking of which... continue steady decrease of chandelier and house posts. Maybe once a month if I find it really interesting or hideous.

6) Join Secret Senna.

Vehicle goals:

1) Give my wife’s car more love. It is saving us a fortune by being mindlessly reliable and actually cracking 30mpg. She needs a wax and a detail, new fog lamp, hood prop, lots of little things. I need to thoroughly research if I want to tackle that oil pan gasket.

2) Fix the damn brakes on the longboi.

3) Drive the Sportcross more. Gas isn’t getting cheaper, I’m not getting younger, live a little.


4) Build a small budget for a potential untimely repair for the Sportcross. Any surplus will be used for fun stuffs and improvements of the fleet. Which will improve longevity. And increases opportunities for more quality content.

5) Just accept and embrace I’m probably not going to buy anything for yet another calendar year, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


6) Figure out how to murder 5) with extreme prejudice.


Any of you have “Oppo” goals for 2020?

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