This is the 1987/88/89 (I’ve seen it labeled all three) Twin Turbo Mustang Prototype built by Roush for the 25th Anniversary of the Mustang.

As said by Mark Kovalsky, for a post on TheMustangSource:


It is funny that he says they tried all of SVO’s chassis stiffeners, but I see no strut tower bar, which I’d imagine were easy to get a hold of even then. I have a hunch it doesn’t have subframe connectors either, which are one of the first mods that should be done to any Foxbody. Maybe I’ll see if I can look at it at Roush’s next open house.

Here’s an article from Motor Trend in 1991.

I have seen it in person, and it’s a very neat car. I’d love to know what driving it is like.


(Getting those bottom two pictures off of my instagram absolutely sucked. Why is it so fucking hard?!)

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