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Too much.

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Went to a coworker’s house to jump in his rig so we could work in Granite Falls the afternoon. Snow trickles in ever so lightly as we approach his neighborhood.


Got there and he couldn’t even drive up his own street at a slight grade. We decided to call it a day. My drive home was moderately okay, a few slips here and there. But then the flakes fattened and the winds picked up. I couldn’t see a few feet in front of me at low speeds. Soon, not even the road. Then, I started losing traction entirely — in low, around 4 miles per hour — and I actually almost didn’t make the final two blocks home.

Get out of the truck and I can’t see at anything but blinding flurries of doom. I walk toward a structure that I assume is that one place I pay money to live in. The key worked so I win!


Wish I had a Tercel...

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