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NZ or bust: Update

For a while I’ve been looking to leave my current position and get somewhere closer to the ocean. I’ve added to my skills over the past couple years and polished up my resume.

I’ve been applying to a few places and heard back from one that wants to set up a phone interview. The job is in New Zealand. This poses the problem. I want to get out of my current industry as my niche is rather small. This company is dead center within my industry, so all my knowledge/skills are directly transferable.


However the company was founded in 2017 and has roughly 20 engineers listed on the website. New Zealand would be cool but......I’d like to get out and into a bigger industry or at least something that I’d be excited about.

Two questions: What does Oppo know about the land of Kiwis and would you take a job halfway around the world for a 3 year old, sub 50 person company?


The gig is in Chirstchurch.

Update: Phone interview scheduled for Sunday.....I guess I’ll be drinking a bit tonight.

For your time.

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