Now that the job that I bought the Kia for has ended and the $600 a month car allowance that more than covered it along with it, I find myself contemplating the Kia’s future a lot. 

I’d like to sell it, but the pricing that I’d be asking for on the private market ($12K CAD?) Is higher than a lot of people can afford in one lump sum. Additionally not a lot of demand for a manual prev. Gen Kia with no AC.

I could look into selling it to a dealer without trading it in, but they will severely low ball you and despite the good deal I got on the car, I could lose a bit of cash.


At the same time, it would also be a good move to keep it. It’s a decent fall/winter commuter and I could just insure the Fiesta during the summer and store the Kia. This is of course, dependant on the job I take, but no matter what, my days of adjusting are over.

How would Oppo get rid of a car that is low demand and most people in their region can’t afford without financing? Cost of living in Vancouver is high and most people are living paycheque to paycheque.

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