People are shitty. My letter to the asshole public.

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Fine. You stocked up. You’re ready for a quarantine that has nothing to do with diarrhea. You also stocked up on all canned goods, including all of the canned chili you could find. Which would require more paper. However, your quarantine lasts two to three weeks. How much do you need for that? A years supply? More? A family of four will use twenty rolls in five weeks. But if you think you will need seventy-two weeks of paper for that three weeks inside, Well, that sounds reasonable ?


My family of four now actually needs to find some soon. Were not sick. Were doing our bit and not taking EVERY box of cheerios we see and EVERY pound of meat to shove in our garage freezer, because guess what?

They still make and ship this stuff. They still process cows and pigs and chickens and turkey. They never stopped making butt paper. They never stopped making purell and lysol.


Funny, nobody is taking all of the frozen vegetables.

But since everything is on the grocery shelves of your own personal grocery store in your basement bomb-shelter, it’s not in any store and that leads people to also panic buy not for fear it it never being available again, but in fear of the assholes who take it all for themselves. Way to go! You just created a trigger-effect panic society, existing because of the uninformed actions by people refusing to think first.


Remember what they said: Beware of the stupid people acting in large groups.

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