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Ever Hear of Volvo Island?

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So scrolling my Facebook feed tonight, I stumbled upon an interesting post.

It simply provided GPS coordinates and a image of Google Maps providing a Volvo sitting on a mini island. Thinking it had to be fake and having better personal security than most working in finance I copy/pasted the coordinates to Google Maps.


Sure enough at the coordinates of 41°21'16.8"N 88°47'52.6"W Google Maps shows me that there is a random Volvo at that location.

The interwebs will tell you that the water surrounding it is 40 feet deep, because the surrounding lake formed when water seeped into a strip mine. I have no way to confirm any of this, but there is infact a Volvo, apparently a 2001 one, sitting on an island just slightly larger than the Volvo itself surrounded by water.


Here is a link to Google Maps if you want to take your own look

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