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Oh Damn

Apparently when you tell one of the moderators of a forum to give data to prove their opinion they ban you instead of admitting they have nothing....

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Oh well.

Long story short:

The mod and his friend came on a guy’s post about building a custom intake and made claims that Intake Modifications would have no effect on power/torque on the Pentastar engine, all we were doing way throwing money away to make more noise. He was an engineer so he understood these things better than most people.


I offered up multiple dyno runs and testing that proved him wrong.

He doubled down saying that the gains would only be seen under wide open throttle, so they would have no effect in real world use and posted a Govt article about testing of clean vs dirty air filters claiming it was proof.


I called him out on using said article on a discussion about intake modifications as it doesn’t apply, then asked him to please provide proof of his opinion.

At which I got banned and the 2 threads  this went on in got deleted.

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