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Behind the Bastard Elon Musk

One of the podcasts I listen to did a couple episodes on Elon Musk recently.


The podcasts go into the history of Elon Musk, his upbringing and career in the tech industry. Giving you a bit of history of how he became who he is today.

Don’t listen if you’re offended by cursing - they curse a fair bit on this series.


The series is good if you enjoy history as he picks a historical (or modern) character, does a ton of research and spends a couple hours going into a lot about their life and what they did. The stories are pretty even handed but are usually about people who are generally awful (hence the title) with a lot of historical facts and commentary from him and his guest of the week.

He’s also doing a series of episodes on the history of policing in the US and how it turned into what we have today if you’re interested.

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