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Samsung can go sit on a rusty cactus...

We had a pair of Blu-ray players - (BD-J5700) die in one day. Kids went to go watch something this morning, and the first one started into a reboot cycle before it could even finish loading the main menu. We grabbed the other one from upstairs (same make/model), and tried plugging it in, and it did the exact same thing - constantly rebooting without even letting the main menu load. We tried switching locations, power sockets, unplugging network cables, video cables, you name it. Nothing worked. We eventually resorted to popping the one apart to get a disk back out. Now you tell me - having two Blu-ray players with the exact make/model die in the exact same way - and you tell me it isn’t a software problem? Yeah, right.  We did nothing to provoke this.  We didn’t do any firmware updates, no mishandling/mistreatment... we didn’t even load a disk into the one machine, and it started doing the same thing.

I want to permanently ban my household from buying anything with the Samsung name on it.


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