Put in my notice at work

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Backround: Been working as a Grocery clerk for the past 2 years on a 4am-12:30 shift, the past 4 months have been 3am-11:30. The jobs failed to provide any advancement and the wage increases via our union failed to meet inflation and/or minimum wage increases until just recently.


As it sits im making $0.75 above minimum wage while being the second most senior within the department and hailed as one of our best employees. With the virus the pressure from customers has gone up exponentially, the entitlement is mind boggling. Along with that our jobs have expanded to various other tasks such as being pretend police watching the door for mask violations and counting customers.(more customer service) Employees quitting and not showing up for work has become common and those that do show up are forced to fill the gaps, overtime is off the table though so just work faster.

Ive reached a breaking point where its unsustainable mentally, if this keeps up im gonna end up screaming at someone for no reason. Ive burnt out, with no way to take a leave beyond my pto the only option was quitting.


Being a dead end job its not a huge loss, and I’ve got a saving to hold me over for quite a while. I intent to do a bit of driving around the PNW to unwind with a month or so of no job.

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