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An FP article about police and politics that glosses over reality [politics]

Sorry to intrude on your peaceful Wednesday evening, but this needs to be said.


Police are essential to the functionality and integrity of any nation. Ours have an awful attitude right now. But, we still need them.

Police need cars. Ford makes police cars. I don’t see any reason at all why Ford should sacrifice American jobs, many of whom are filled by black and Latino workers, to stop manufacturing an essential tool of an essential service.


I found this article’s politicization of the subject to be nearly intolerable. I understand where both sides are coming from, but I don’t agree that Ford should stop making police cars, especially since the role would probably fall to a car not produced domestically. I know “Made in the USA” isn’t everything but it is something.

icemilkcoffee had a good take.

I mean it’s clear to anyone with an ounce of gray matter that the police is essential to any society, and police will need cars to do their jobs. There should be no controversy at this.

Now, what cars should the police be driving? That is the question. I submit that we get the police out of Explorers and F150's. Let’s get them into C-Max’es and Ford Transits. They should project an image of responsibility and sensibility, and not intimidation or occupation-army. We need cops. We just don’t need that ‘attitude’ that many of them have right now.


I missed when “Black” became capitalized. The author actually uses “black” too, so what’s the difference?

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